Over time we amass our houses with a lot of appliances. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine our everyday life without a fridge of a microwave. Although, since our old power grids were designed taking in account much less capacity, voltage fluctuations became an everyday occurrence. Very often these accidents end with not just flashing of a light bulb or low light in the room. These electric force majeure can make you say goodbye to your refrigerator or gas boiler control board just in a moment. We offer you to prepare to such troubles in advance. The best way to prevent an expensive appliance from damage is buying a voltage stabilizer.
  Voltage stabilizer is a device that automatically maintains a constant voltage level in a power grid. Working in pair with your electric equipment, it takes the brunt of the voltage spike, – and your gas boiler or TV-set is saved! There is a possibility to protect all the appliances in the house by installation one powerful, but expensive, voltage stabilizer at the beginning of electric grid in the house, or by installation less powerful and much cheaper stabilizers directly to the most high-priced gadgets (gas boiler, TV, refrigerator, etc.).
  We offer a wide range of low-powered voltage stabilizers, which due to the functional principles could be divided into two types:
  •  electromechanical stabilizer (relay type);
  •  TRIAC stabilizer (electronic type).
  Nowadays, this appliance is irreplaceable in every house, because it easily helps to avoid the smell of burning wire and unnecessary waste of money and nerves.
  Our line of activity is not limited just to this field. We also work in the sphere of telecommunications. Our company offer a wide assortment of terrestrial and cable TV accessories. In particular:
  •  TV signal amplifiers;
  •  automobile VHF amplifiers (FM amplifiers);
  •  package filters.
  It’s interesting for us to develop and bring new innovative technical ideas to life, day by day upgrading our manufacturing and expanding the range of products with the up-to-date novelties.
  We believe that experience and striving for perfection are prime movers of making high quality products. That’s why we don’t miss any opportunity to learn something new, carefully watching the trends of the electronics market development.