Voltage regulator ACH-250

  Automatic voltage regulator ACH-250 is designed to protect control systems of independent heating and other electrical induction motors with power consumption of 250 W (900 W launcher) 220 V, 50 Hz. It provides automatic control and regulation of voltage.
 The device is equipped with:

- Protection from high voltage to 430 V (long mode)

- Protection of low voltage and inflated

- Thermal protection and overload protection

- As well as protection against high-voltage pulses.

  ACH-250 has a digital light meter and supply voltage, output voltage and power consumption of the connected device. 
Specifications Size
Manufactured by TU U 31.1-13800239-002:2005/2011 YES
Allowable maximum input voltage long-term 430 V
The operating range of input voltage (U in) 145-280 V
Rated output voltage U in = 160-280 V 220 V ± 14 V
Rated output voltage U in = 145-160 V 192 V - 210 V
Maximum continuous power load throughout the operating range 250 W
The maximum short-term power load 900 W
The shape of the output voltage sinusoidal
Response time to change the input voltage 0,04 s
Time off when high-voltage pulse, no more 0,01 s
The response time protection device with a load of 250 W to 900 W 2,67 s
Time after the accident, including the network 5,0 s
Operating temperature range 5-35°С
The temperature of operating of thermal protection 105°С
The error indication output voltage ± 1 %
Weight 2 kg
Color metallic grey
Dimensions 125 х 80 х 192 mm


  • A guarantee from the manufactured 36 months from date of purchase