Uninterrupted Power Supply SINUS-300, is used for home appliances stable sinusoidal voltage 220V, 50Hz, from the network or from a 12V battery in the event propadannya mains voltage.

  UPS work based on the principle of double voltage conversion, which allows you to instantly stabilize output and safely protect your equipment from surges, prosadok, failure, mains voltage, high voltage pulses and noise.
  The mains voltage, which the existing values in the range 90-280V, regardless of spotvorenosti sinus vyprostuyetsya with power factor correction (0.99), galvanic isolation is stabilized and accumulates on the inner capacitance (capacitor) UPS. High-speed microcontroller generates from this DC stabilized output voltage of 220V AC sinusoidal (harmonic content <1%) synchronized with the network frequency. When working on the UPS network also monitors the charge external battery. Charge the battery termokompensovanyy.
  If the network has a voltage interruption, its less than 90V rms or more 280 - UPS instantly goes to work on the external batteries that output AC voltage of 220V is not displayed. 
Specifications Size
Topology construction On-line
Allowable maximum input voltage long-term 430 V
The operating range of input voltage (U in) 90-280 V
Rated output voltage  220 V ± 2 V
Maximum continuous power load throughout the operating range 300 W
   Cargo handling capacity:  
   to 3 s 300 - 900 W
   to 1.5 s 900 - 2000 W
The shape of the output voltage sinusoidal
The frequency of the output voltage 50 Hz ± 1%
Time after the accident, including the network 10 s
Operating temperature range 5-35°С
Galvanic isolation between input, output and battery YES
Rated voltage external battery 12 V
The current battery charge 12 A
Weight 3 kg
Color metalic grey
Dimensions 345 х 103 х 280 mm


  • A guarantee from the manufactured 12 months from date of purchase